James and Kaitlyn

I began this journey with James and Kaitlyn about 10 months... a couple who could karaoke to the Paula Abdul song "Opposites Attract," and all their friends would hold up a glass and nod in agreement.  Kaitlyn is full of fire and passion and James is logical and level-headed.  But also, from what I observed over the months, they share a common respect and love for each other and value for unique ways the other thinks.  They also both are ready for a fun adventure which most certainly characterized their wedding day.  This day arrived in a whirl of rain and sun with both clouds and blue sky on a Saturday in March.  We didn't know if it would be down-pouring rain or drizzling or hurricaning or sunny.  I think, in the end, we got a little of all of it. 

We began the day at a lake house where James was staying with some friends.  Then we moved onto Kaitlyn and James' home where Kaitlyn was preparing for the day.  She had a gang of friends there in support and to help celebrate.  The first-look happened at a local beach cove, and then we transitioned to a park for portraits where we made our way to cliffs overlooking the Puget Sound.  And all the while, James and Kaitlyn took in the moments together and gladly went wherever I thought we might get a good shot.  Although it was cold and Kaitlyn's hair was no longer perfect by the end, she continued to smile, laugh, and make the most of every opportunity.  As soon as we got in the car, the hurricane kicked in.  The ceremony and reception took place on a boat overlooking Seattle.  If I were to assign one word to summarize their evening with their family and friends, I would use "laughter."  Between their good friend who officiated the wedding, James' family's legitimate comedic genes, and a light-hearted atmosphere, everyone was excited for this couple.  And I am so excited for them and the future that lies ahead. 

Enjoy the story of their wedding day!