Red October Engagement

I took a walk with Katie and James on a sunny and warm evening in October.  And let me tell you, Red October is no joke!  As the sun went down, we were engulfed in warm reds, oranges, and yellows.  We ran to catch the sunset and landed out in the Sound.  Katie danced- and got James to dance too!  We laughed and got to know each other.  I can't wait for their wedding!  Enjoy this glimpse of our time together!

Tim and Aubrey!

I had such a fun time shooting this engagement session!  It was goofy, romantic, refreshing, and authentic!  This is their love story, from their perspective:

We met at a Bible study that was held at Aubrey's sister’s house. It was a few weeks and a few casual conversations later that we ended up going on a hike together. During the hike we had great conversation and were surprisingly honest with each other. After another hike and a scoop or two of Blue Bird ice cream, the conversations got deeper and the attraction grew stronger. We got to know each other rather quickly, and it wasn't long after when we both made a commitment to be in a relationship. It was simply beautiful to be in a relationship so honest, loving, and passionate. As our love for one another grew we developed a unique understanding and trust. We truly believe that the Lord blessed us as a couple. We have already been through some tough challenges in life together, but have found support in each other like neither of us had before. We feel that our honesty towards each other and our faith in the Lord has developed our relationship into something amazing. We took the next step on March 22, 2015 when Tim proposed at our favorite restaurant. Since then there has been more love, support, and compassion. We are excited for the adventure of marriage, knowing it will be filled with joy.