Project Light: Just as the Sun Went Down

We have come to our final set of photos in my collaboration with Fashion Blogger, Carolyn, from Hey Pretty Thing.  We climbed a windy ridge and trekked to an old train bridge.  As we braced ourselves against the forceful wind and held onto each other as we walked, we managed to snap a few photos!  Carolyn is wearing a beautiful Acne leather jacket that she picked up in Europe.  Paired with a cotton dress and booties, its a perfect fall outfit for these sunny days we have been enjoying.  Check out her website or Instagram for more details!  And, if you have missed our previous shoots, scroll back in my blog or her's for more beautiful shots.  Enjoy!

We out.  

Senior Photos: Jessamyn

This lady: a beautiful, personable, friendly, and capable young woman starting her senior year of high school.  Jessamyn is ASB President and college-bound.  When I asked her how she wants to affect change at her school during her presidency, she responded (in so many words) that she hopes to support and acknowledge all students without prejudice for greater inclusion and community within her school.  Jessamyn is certainly a mature young woman who is wise beyond her years!

For her senior photo shoot, we headed out of town to find some wide open spaces that the city struggles to provide.  We walked around to find an old, crumbling building, a bridge, a river, and a meadow.  Check out our adventure below!

Project Light: Filtered and Spotty in the Afternoon

During the afternoon that I spent with fashion blogger, Carolyn, from heyprettything.com, I photographed her on a walk through brush, shrubbery, and long grass.  The light was filtered, spotty, and direct, in some instances.  We caught pockets of light and played with shadowing.  Check out Carolyn's blog for detailed outfit information as well as helpful fashion tips!