Mama, Papa & 3 Sisters

These 3 young sisters and their lovely parents were a perfect blend into the late summer grasses and trees of Western Washington.  Oh how I love the long grass.  Give me an unmanicured field of grass, and I am a HAPPY CAMPER. 

I also recently had modified the way I post-process my photos, and this family was a beautiful showcase of this change.  Enjoy this little shoot with the Richmon family!



“For there is no friend like a sister

In calm or stormy weather; 

To cheer one on the tedious way, 

To fetch one if one goes astray,

To lift one if one totters down, 

To strengthen whilst one stands” 

-Christina Rossetti


Lovely Hallak Family

What an amazing shoot this was!  It was lovely to see a family enjoy time together just doing what they do… fixing hair, reading books, wrestling, watering their plants, playing on the swing set, looking for bugs, and enjoying an evening walk.  We had lots of laughs, especially when ants invaded their space and made everyone do the boogie!  A couple tips for family clients from this shoot---> clothing matters when you are being photographed!  Be yourself and let your creativity come through.  Take the time to coordinate, but don't be overly matchy matchy.  Mom, go buy a shirt you love that you will enjoy looking at yourself in!  Also, choose an activity.  It doesn't have to be complicated: blow bubbles, have a watermelon picnic, eat ice cream.  Be conscious of the environment: choose locations that you will like to look at for years to come.  And above all, embrace the activity and chaos of children and HAVE FUN!!  

Enjoy!! XOXO

One of my favorite families...

I freaking love these people: Luke and Karen and their two young girls.  They are genuine, refreshing, realistic, and gracious.  And, it is just an additional bonus that every time I am with my red-headed friend, people ask us if we are sisters.  Because if you have the same hair color, you MUST be sisters.  We have even gotten, "Are you twins?"  Silly, but I love it, and I will take it.  I would be honored to be your sister Karen.

Pleased to introduce this family… and this is a Saturday morning with them.